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Sustaining Membership: The standard rate for 2019/20 is $2,544. Establishing Membership: This option has a $1,100 yearly minimum and operates on an escalator model with the expectation of a $120/year increase each year until you reach the standard membership amount.

Since the tragedy of Oct. 27, Rodef Shalom has taken significant steps to ensure that our synagogue is safe and secure, while remaining warm and welcoming to the community. A security assessment fee of 10% is now added to individual dues contributions. For members who pay above the $2,544 Sustaining Member contribution, the assessment is capped at $254, and members who pay $500 or less annually are expected to contribute at least $50.
I (we) hereby apply for membership at Rodef Shalom Congregation. As I agree to abide by the by-laws, rules, and regulations of the Congregation, include the timely payment of contributions, and any other charges as approved by the Board of Trustees. I (we) understand that failure to do so may result in suspension or termination of membership, but not the obligation to pay any previously incurred dues or fees. All resignations from the Congregation must be in writing.
Fri, September 29 2023 14 Tishrei 5784